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WRD is a dealer for all of the following top brands and many more.



WRD is now a 034 Motorsports Dynamic+ Performance Software Dealer. Call to schedule your appointment. 916-781-3876

About Us!
WRD was started in 1997 by John Gardner. WRD specializes in Engine and Suspension Tuning to give you an unfair advantage in Autocross, Track Days, Road Racing, Drag Racing or just performance street driving. WRD sells only top products at fare prices. Including Coilovers, Stresbars, Engon Mounts, Big Valve Heads, Race Motors, Conversion Mounts, and a variety of major brands. Feel free to call us with any questions and tap into our 20 Years of VW tuning Experience. Dealer inquires welcome .


DSG Transmission Fluid and Filter Service

Service includes:

  • Draining of DSG fluid.
  • Replacement of filter.

Refilling of DSG fluid. Calibration of clutches.

Just $349.99

WRD Street Advantage Coilovers

WRD Advantage VW and Audi Coilovers are the perfect entry level kit with a great ride and the added performance you want.

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APR Software

APR Software takes about 1.5 hr to install. Software is the best bang for the buck when it comes to HP & Torque, and APR is the world leader.

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