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WRD is a dealer for all of the following top brands and many more.



WRD is now a 034 Motorsports Dynamic+ Performance Software Dealer. Call to schedule your appointment. 916-781-3876

WRD Service!
At WRD we work to give you the highest level of service at a reasonable price. If you are looking for an alternative to dealership prices, give us a call and schedule your next maintenance, repair or performance product installation.


DSG Transmission Fluid and Filter Service

Service includes:

  • Draining of DSG fluid.
  • Replacement of filter.

Refilling of DSG fluid. Calibration of clutches.

Just $349.99

Suspension installation & adjustment is our specialty

We have instald performance and replacement suspension on practical evry modal VW and Audi.

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APR Software

APR Software takes about 1.5 hr to install. Software is the best bang for the buck when it comes to HP & Torque, and APR is the world leader.

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